Donor Cycles treatment

Wijnland Donor Bank offers a wide variety of donor services including donor sperm, ova (eggs) and embryos. The process involves provision of donor profiles to recipients to select a donor to create their modern family.

What are Donor Cycles?

Donor cycles provide single or coupled patients with the opportunity to make use of donor gametes to conceive where they otherwise would not have been able to. Essentially patients may use donor sperm, ova or embryos; singularly or in combination.

There are various reasons why donor gametes might it be needed to assist a person/couple in creating their modern family. Examples include;

  • Single patients
  • Same-sex couples
  • Female patients that have an egg factor (very low ovarian reserve or poor quality of eggs)
  • Severe male factor (Azoospermia (no sperm) or very poor quality of sperm)

The process & what to expect

Once you have seen a fertility specialist and he/she has advised to make use of donor gametes, the first step is arranging an information session. The session will include discussing important aspects that relate to making use of donor gametes, this includes all legal and ethical aspects.

As the use of donor gametes are regulated by South African Legislation, there are various steps that need to be followed in order to make use of a donor. These regulations are discussed in the information session with all intending recipients before the application process commences.

After the completion of the information session, the recipients can start the application process by completing a number of forms. The forms provide the donor bank with insight as to what the recipients are looking for in the donor and allows the donor bank to provide appropriate donor options. The donor bank will then provide the recipients with a few profiles and the recipient can then decide which donor they would like to make use of. Once the patient has decided on a donor profile which they feel comfortable with, the confirmation form and consent forms need to be completed.

Depending on whether the donor cycle type is fresh or frozen, the recipient and/or donor will start with the stimulation cycle. The nature of each stimulation plan will differ depending on what the fertility specialist has advised. The remainder of the treatment process is similar to that of any IVF cycle, without the recipient having an aspiration, but only an embryo transfer. After the embryo transfer has taken place, the recipient will wait 7 days before going for a pregnancy blood test to determine whether the embryo implantation has been successful.

Is a Donor Cycle right for you?

Once you have seen a fertility specialist and he/she has advised on making use of donor gametes, the first step is the information session. The session will include discussing important aspects that relate to making use of donor gametes.

The decision to use donor gametes, can be an extremely difficult one. However, we are here to support you throughout the journey.


Q – Can anyone become a donor?
A – No, we have a strict selection criterion. All donors are screened medically, and they need to provide a comprehensive medical history.

Q – What if I don’t like the donor profiles (options) provided to me?
A – We will arrange a meeting with you (in person or telephonically) and discuss alternative options. You select your donor; we do not select for you. We merely assist and support you.

Q – Can I have a picture of the donor?
A – Standard gamete donation is anonymous. Some donors provide baby pictures; others do not want to. This is completely voluntary as it could potentially be an identifying factor in the future.

Q – Can someone I know be my donor?
A – Yes, but this is called know donation and there will need to be a legal contract in place before the donation can occur. Known donations also require psychological screening before the donation.

Q – Can I make use of a Wijnland donor if I am not receiving treatment at your clinic?
A – Yes, we provide frozen sperm patients being treated at other fertility clinics where a fertility specialist will handle the gametes. We also have egg donor profiles available that can be used to donate at other fertility clinics.

Still have questions?
Should you require any additional information, please contact the clinic directly and one of our friendly staff members will happily assist you.