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Optimising Efficiency with the EmbryoScope™
The extraordinary EmbryoScope™ allows our laboratory staff to significantly optimise embryo development and consequently improve success rates.
At Wijnland Fertility, success is not just a rate for us, but rather the total experience.
Experience the Wijnland Story
Our Fertility Clinic Team – the doctors, nurses, embryologists, psychologists and other staff – all collaborate to create a warm, friendly and professional environment for patients.
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The clinic has amazing ambience, making it very relaxing. The enormous commitment of the whole team to provide top service is reflected in the excellent results.
Life begins where fear ends. ~ Osho
To overcome fear, be willing to take the first step - Come and see Wijnland Fertility.
Why us?

Centre of Excellence in Fertility, Endometriosis, and Endoscopic Surgery

SASREG accredited 

  1. Patient-centered approach
  2. EmbryoScope incubation since 2013
  3. Excellent success rates
  4. Single embryo transfer policy
  5. Passionate about modern families
  6. Robust Ova Vitrifaction program since 2013
  7. Extensive sperm bank since 2008
  8. One of the first egg banks in South Africa
  9. University town with top quality sperm and egg and donors
  10. 1st Psychological study in sub-Saharan Africa to be recognised by ESHRE, 2012

Wijnland Fertility Clinic

is a patient centred clinic in Stellenbosch. Our individualised treatment plans incorporate your psychological well-being and integrated health care, while maintaining best-practice, evidence-based clinical treatment for fertility.
Fertility Services
Wijnland Fertility Clinic offers numerous male and female Fertility Services and tests. Tests are aimed at assessing the fertility of an individual or a couple before determining the most suitable next step in the journey.
Sperm & Ova Banks
Our Ova Bank exists to facilitate women who need eggs as well as women who are willing and fit to donate eggs. Similarly, our Sperm Bank facilitates willing and suitable donors as well as recipients.
international patients
The Wijnland Fertility Clinic, located in Stellenbosch, South Africa, warmly welcomes international patients. Stellenbosch is the wine capital of South Africa and also a well known university town.
If you’re having a hard time coping with infertility, you’re not alone. Research has shown that the psychological stress experienced by women with infertility is similar to that of women coping with illnesses like cancer, HIV and chronic pain. Infertility is not easy to cope with. Allow us to guide you and share what we know.
How can we assist you?
Should you require any assistance, please contact the clinic directly and one of our friendly staff members will happily assist you.
trying to conceive