The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) has called on its global community of doctors and health specialists to raise awareness for women’s health issues.

Their campaign was launched in March, during International Women’s Month, and is centered around a toolkit of information on topics that include preconception counselling and fertility preservation in cancer patients, along with information to promote the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases; one of the leading contributors to Africa’s high infertility rates. The campaign also provides resources around gender-based violence and what it is that constitutes respectful behaviour towards women.

FIGO’s support material is available on their website and they encourage women to join the conversation on their Facebook page

Says Wijnland Fertility’s psychologist Lizanne van Waart, “Far too many women, across all socio-economic situations, are suffering because they don’t know where to reach out and get the facts. Women can truly empower themselves by understanding their bodies and their minds. It is a continuous journey, getting to know oneself and understanding the new situations that arise as we live our lives.”

Lizanne continues by saying that when women support one another, their troubles are halved. “Share your knowledge and invest in creating a powerful community of women.”