The Embryoscope™ is an incubator that conserves the necessary physiological conditions that a living embryo requires to grow in an IVF culturing system. It has an incorporated time-lapse system with a camera that continuously captures images and records a video of the embryonic development.
The system lets embryologists monitor embryo cell divisions while the embryos are still in the incubator, allowing us to carry out studies of their development. Recent studies have shown that the cell division pattern of the embryos is becoming a valid alternative for selecting embryos that have the best potential for implantation. Growing evidence suggests that certain cell time points and events are especially important for predicting further development potential and pregnancy potential of embryos.
By using these time points we can select the best embryos and provide a lot of information regarding their viability. These time points can only be recorded fully if done under a time-lapse camera. Routine observations under the microscope do not allow us to capture all of these time points as they can vary between embryos.
Embryos with specific division times and certain development patterns can have up to a 15 – 20% stronger chance of pregnancy. Additionally, the optimum times for cell division can be checked more easily and the chances of implantation can be improved in cases where selection using Embryoscope™ technology is possible.
The Embryoscope has gained a lot of attention as of late. This is due to its superior benefits over more traditional, larger embryo incubators and culture systems. While these benefits are still being researched and explored, as with any newer technology, it is important to understand exactly how this technology could affect your chances of a successful outcome.


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