We don’t see there being a need to wait for a woman (or man) to be able to start your family. We have an extensive ova bank and/or embryo/sperm bank for you to choose from to start your journey to parenthood.

Treatment options for single men

Fertility treatments are becoming somewhat more common amongst single men as it gives men the opportunity to have a family without having a partner. At Wijnland Fertility, we are well aware of the desperate need one feels when wanting to enter parenthood, and we are here to help. We believe that being a parent is one of the truest callings in life, and we are therefore very passionate about helping single man turn their dream of fatherhood into a reality.

We strive to provide as much information as possible regarding our treatments so you are able to make an informed decision about which option is best for you. For single men, treatment is centred around using donor ova and a surrogate, and the various treatment options are based on different indications where the process of using the donor ova and surrogate differ slightly.


Treatment Options

We have the following treatment options for single men:

  • IVF/ ICSI/ IMSI, with donor ova and use of a surrogate
    • This can also be performed with the combination of donor ova along with donor sperm (if needed)
  • Transfer of a donated embryo(s), with using a surrogate


The process and what to expect

We recommend the following process in order to start the process to parenthood:

To see one of our fertility specialists (make an appointment here!) (please add link to contact us page)

Get all the relevant tests and procedures done that the fertility specialist has recommended and needs in order to make an informed decision

A decision is made regarding the treatment option

The search can begin for a ova donor and surrogate

A decision is made on the donor(s) and surrogate

Final check to make sure all paper work and legalities are in order

The treatment cycle can begin

Still have questions?
Should you require any additional information, please contact the clinic directly and one of our friendly staff members will happily assist you.
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