Same-sex Couples

Being an individual within a same-sex relationship has it’s fair share of challenges. At Wijnland Fertility we believe that all individuals or couples have the right to start a family, so let us kindly assist you on this otherwise strenuous journey to parenthood. We have an extensive donor bank for ova, sperm or embryos (or a combination thereof) as well as a growing community of surrogates.

Treatment options for Same-sex Couples

When regarding the use of fertility services for same-sex couples, the chance of success is usually quite high, since the couple does not struggle with medical infertility as such. With that said, however, one can still have an underlying indication for infertility treatment that would have gone by without notice due to the nature of the same sex relationship. Regardless of the situation, we can assist with social infertility or a combination of social and medical.

In the initial stages, comprehensive fertility assessments need to be done to help determine an optimal treatment route, along with applying for a donor and/or surrogacy.

The process & what to expect

We recommend the following process for same sex couples wishing to make use of fertility treatment to start their family:

1) To see one of our fertility specialists (make an appointment here!

2) Get all the relevant tests and procedures done that the fertility specialist has recommended and needs in order to make an informed decision

3) A decision is made regarding the treatment option

4) The search can begin for a donor and/or surrogate

5) A decision is made on the donor and/or surrogate

6) Final check to make sure all paper work and legalities are in order

7) The treatment cycle can begin

Treatment options for same-sex couples

We can assist couples in various ways, however, treatment options vary slightly depending on whether you are a male or female same sex couple. For female couples, treatment is centred around using donor sperm; while for male couples an egg donor and a surrogate is required. All treatment options are based on these requirements for male and female couples, and variations come in the form of additional treatments that are added where needed.

As a female same sex couple you have the following treatment options: (maybe make these into infographics?)

  • The use of donor sperm
    • Partner 1 can use her eggs and partner 2 can carry the baby, and vice versa
    • Partner 1 can carry the baby and use her own eggs, and vice versa
  • You can make use of donor sperm and donor ova
    • Either partner 1 or partner 2 can carry the baby
  • You can make use of donor embryos
    • Either partner 1 or partner 2 can carry the baby
  • You can make use of any of the above, with a surrogate, if medically indicated


As a male same sex couple you have the following treatment options: (maybe also make these into infographics?)

  • The use of donor ova and a surrogate
  • Both partner’s sperm can be used
  • Provided there are a good number of eggs available an option could be to use both partners sperm for fertilization. The way this option works is that partner 1 will fertilize one half of the eggs and partner 2 will fertilize the other half. The idea behind this option is that both partners should have a viable blastocyst for transfer or freezing
  • Partner 1 can use his sperm for the procedure only, and vice versa for partner 2
  • You can also make use of, along with donor eggs and a surrogate, donor sperm

You can also make use of, along with a surrogate, donor embryo(s)

When should we consider fertility treatment?

If you are within a same sex relationship/partnership/civil union/marriage and want to start a family via the use of fertility treatment.

The following examples of couples will generally need a selection of, or all of the following options:

Same sex male couple:

  • Egg donor
  • Surrogate
  • Embryo donor (if egg donor is not used)
  • Sperm donor (if embryo donor is not used or if a sperm donor is needed along with an egg donor)

Same sex female couples:

  • Sperm donor
  • Embryo donor (if sperm or egg donor is not being used)
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