With the recent lockdown extension and ever-growing uncertainty around when life is going to be somewhat normal again in mind, we have decided to alter some of our operational protocols in accordance with the most recent SASREG committee guidelines for fertility practice during COVID-19.

We understand that the need to start a family is a need that never fades away, no matter the lockdown situation.

At Wijnland, we understand that some of our patients are more bound by their biological clock, than their younger counterparts; and we also understand how cancer treatment and fertility treatment cases go hand in hand along with time sensitive choices that need to be actioned. Age doesn’t wait for lockdown to be over, and neither does cancer. At Wijnland, we understand this, and that is why we are offering fertility treatment to a new group of patients that fall out of the predetermined “emergency” cases that were defined during the first stage of lock down.


You qualify for the opportunity to receive fertility treatment during lockdown and a 12% discount on your IVF cycle at Wijnland Fertility.

At Wijnland, we care about our patients, and the aim for this special is to make it more accessible for our poorer (time-sensitive) prognosis patients to have a chance at starting their family irrespective of when lockdown will end. We also understand that there is fear and anxiety that comes with the stress of not knowing when the lockdown will be lifted in order to receive treatment. We want to help by trying to alleviate some of that stress and anxiety by allowing treatment for certain prognosis patients during lockdown.

At Wijnland, we care.


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