This men’s health month, the focus is on preventative health and men needing to know what to look out for.  Catching and treating testicular cancer early.

Testicular cancer poses a very real threat to male fertility because it typically presents early in life. Males as young as 15 have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and it is most common in men under 45.

Men should self-examine their testicles on a regular basis just as women are encouraged to do frequent breast checks. So what at the signs to look for:

The number one tell-tale sign is any new or abnormal bumps and lumps.

Tender or sore nipples or enlarged breasts may also be an indicator because the cancer triggers a hormone that is similar to the one that contributes to breast development in women.

Any shrinkage of the testicles or a feeling of heaviness or discomfort in the testicles.

If the cancer has spread, there may be back pain, swollen lymph glands or other persistent soreness in the body.

Any gathering of fluid in the testicles.

Your doctor can do a testicular ultrasound to assess the situation. Don’t panic! There are a number of other reasons for testicular abnormality but it’s important to rule out more serious issues and it is essential to treat them as soon as possible.

Testicular cancer does not necessarily put an end to your fertility. Banking sperm before treatment is one potential solution and even a single testicle can provide enough sperm to result in conception.

If you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer or are concerned you may have it, come and see us for peace of mind.