The stress of resolving an infertility challenge can sometimes become an aggravating factor in the path to becoming pregnant. The mind begins to hold on tightly to the end goal of conceiving, even to the point of an obsession that shapes all of your daily experiences and creates tension in relationships.

New Year’s resolutions may have fallen by the wayside but there is no calendar to resetting the body and mind with some new techniques that will not only take you into a more mindful 2018 but which may also assist you in creating the right head-space to take a positive outlook on your fertility journey.

Mindfulness is about being present to the moment. Fully aware of your body within the space and place it is in. Practicing mindful meditation for just a few minutes a day can decompress anxiety, help you regain perspective and calm your body and overly-active mind down.


  • Sit or lie down in a quiet, private space in a corner of your home or garden where you feel safe and relaxed.
  • To do this you may need to get up a bit earlier or perhaps you can take a lunch break to seek out a quiet spot.
  • Close your eyes and become aware of your body.
  • Focus on your breath and nothing else.
  • Breathe in through the nose for as long as it is comfortable, hold your breath for as long as it is comfortable and then release slowly through the nose.
  • Keep repeating this action, slowing your breath down and building up to slower, deeper lungfuls of air.
  • Try to empty your mind of chatter by tuning into how your body is feeling in the present moment, you can scan your entire body as you focus on your breathing

The mind is mischievous and will play! When it wanders off just gently bring your focus back to the breath. To get you started try these great free (or partially free) apps for Android and IOS

Inspiration for calm moments on-the-go here

Great tips on learning how do I to meditate here

With over 3 million meditations this is a top-rated app for IOS and Android

Headspace will show you how to meditate and has lots of info on why meditation is so good for you

Just breathe.