Sperm Bank

Why use a sperm bank

There are two main reasons why one might need a sperm bank. A sperm bank can freeze and store sperm samples for patients in need of preserving their fertility or for use in fertility treatment. The second purpose is to store donor sperm for use by patients who cannot otherwise conceive children.

Fertility Preservation

The sperm bank offers fertility preservation for men who are undergoing either surgery or treatment that may cause permanent changes in their chances of conceiving children, either by affecting the sperm production process, i.e. chemotherapy, orchiectomy or testosterone medication; or where the ducts are cut or clogged, i.e. vasectomy.

Short-term storage of semen is also offered to patients who have busy travelling schedules or who live abroad. The sperm can then be used for artificial inseminations, IVF or ICSI even though the husband/male partner is away. In some case where sperm counts are very low, sperm is stored as a back-up in case the count is even lower at the time of ICSI. Back-up storage is also done when a man struggles with passing a sample, then the pressure is off on the day when sperm are needed for ICSI or AI.

Donor Sperm Bank

The second purpose of a sperm bank is the accumulation of donated sperm. Sperm donation is most probably one of the oldest forms of fertility treatment. In some cases a sperm donor is the only way of conception, e.g. for azoospermic males, i.e. no sperm production is present on confirmation of a testicular biopsy; and in homosexual female couples.

In cases of a very low sperm count, ICSI would be the optimal treatment, but it might not be possible for the couple because of financial constraints or religious views. In such situations, artificial insemination with donor sperm can be considered an alternative treatment option.

What we do
Fertility Preservation

Wijnland Fertility Clinic offers the service of freezing and storing sperm. Before semen samples can be accepted for freezing, blood tests are done to ensure that the samples are handled correctly. Samples from seropositive patients are prepared differently from those of seronegative patients and also stored in a separate tank.

The clinic also needs full consent from the patient, and these consent forms must be signed and completed after the laboratory personnel have given the patient information on all aspects. The patients also see the counsellor and the fertility specialist so that patients are fully informed of how the sperm will be used in the future and what pregnancy outcomes can be to expected in their individual case.

Donor Sperm Bank

At Wijnland Fertility we strive to assist recipients in the matching process to find a suitable sperm donor and, secondly. also to have high-quality donor sperm available to use in fertility treatment with high success rates.

The Wijnland Fertility Sperm Donor Programme is mainly run by the laboratory personnel. Sperm donors are well informed and screened and interviewed before being accepted as candidates. All criteria for accepting a donor must be met according to the National Health Act of 2012. We also include our own criteria of required sperm parameters to ensure optimal sperm quality. Sperm donors are required to donate several samples, usually over a course of three months, and the process requires admirable dedication from a person. The donors who complete the process usually donate for altruistic reasons and not for compensation.

Donated sperm are frozen and kept in storage at Wijnland Fertility Clinic, thus are easily accessible for use in treatment. Donor sperm from any other clinic nationally or internationally can be brought to our facility for treatment. The laboratory personnel can assist patients if sperm needs to be couriered or imported, and sperm can be stored in the short or long term.

Application for donor sperm also involves ethics committee approval to ensure that the resulting child is brought into a healthy family and social environment.

Please find a selection of our sperm donor profiles here:

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The Process
  • Fertility Preservation
  • Donor Sperm Bank - Donors
  • Donor Sperm Bank - Recipients
  • Patients need to contact our laboratory personnel for all the information applicable to their situation. The basic necessities for sperm freezing are the following:
  • There are two parties involved, recipients and donors, and both have their own processes to follow. Each step should be completed successfully for the next to follow.
  • There are two parties involved, recipients and donors, and both have their own processes to follow. Each step should be completed successfully for the next to follow.
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