Sperm & Ova Bank

Our Ova Bank exists to facilitate women who need eggs as well as women who are willing and fit to donate eggs. Similarly, our Sperm Bank facilitates willing and suitable donors as well as recipients.

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To find a surrogate is not an easy task and the very special women who volunteer are few. Regardless, we assist our patients all the way. There are also online agencies for surrogacy that can help with finding a surrogate mother, and sometimes we have women on file who have volunteered.

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Same Sex Couples

In homosexual relationships, fertility treatment is assumed to be the only option to conceive a child because of the need for a third party donor and, in some cases, also a surrogate.

The chance of success is usually quite high, since the couple does not struggle with infertility as such. In the initial stages, comprehensive fertility assessments need to be done to help determine an optimal treatment route, along with applying for a donor or surrogacy.