Male Magic – Let’s Talk the Male Tale (Another Wijnland First)

We are proud to announce: 


By focusing on the male point of view, we work towards a deeper understanding of men’s roles in Reproductive Health and MAR (medication-assisted recovery) Treatments.

2019 – Wijnland opened a specialised Male Fertility Clinic in order to understand the deeper aspects of male psychological processes of fertility before introducing infertility interventions. Our focus on men was born out of the fact that the psychological aspects of men differ significantly from women before the different phases of clinical intervention.

  • Men need proper diagnosis and consultation.
  • Men also live with mental disorders like depression.
  • Men may get sexual disorders because of male diagnosis.
  • Men need more information, guidance, and emotional support.

Wijnland Fertility specialises in a holistic male fertility approach, with a dedicated sexologist in our team.

2021 – Wijnland extends this service to the WIJNLAND MEN’S HEALTH AND MALE FERTILITY CLINIC


Dr Dries van den Heever (Urologist), who has a special interest in male fertility, joining our team as a consulting clinician,


Dr Johannes van Waart (Reproductive Specialist),


Lizanne van Waart (MA Psychology), who holds a special interest in reproductive well-being stemming from her MA study: Psychological aspects presented by infertility patients of both genders before the commencement of each new phase of clinical intervention (ESHRE, 2012).

In hopes of creating a better world for men who desire to create a family, we are working towards a deeper understanding of both male fertility and the accompanying psychological journey that so many men face.