Giving your body to the growth of someone else’s child is perhaps the rarest of gifts to be given. Surrogate Mothers are extraordinary humans and, given the physical and emotional commitment surrogacy requires, there are not many of them around.

Says surrogate Mother Tracy, “I think becoming a surrogate Mom is a calling rather than a decision. I felt a strong need to help a couple I knew fulfil their dream of having a child, I was part of their miracle and I think it was one of the most rewarding and special experiences of my life.”

Wijnland Fertility Clinic’s Lizanne van Waart says that they do sometimes have a need for surrogate Mother’s. “When we do, it’s an astonishing journey to find this one person willing to enable a baby to be born to other people. We work very closely with the parents and surrogate to ensure that expectations and emotions are carefully managed and this can make the experience incredibly transformative for all concerned.”

Women considering surrogacy should know the following:

  • South African law prohibits payment for surrogacy, however surrogate Mothers’ can expect all their medical and inconvenience costs to be paid by the child couple
  • Sometimes surrogate Mother’s gestate an embryo formed by the egg and sperm of a couple where the female is not able to retain a pregnancy and sometimes the surrogate also provides an egg where no fertile egg is available.
  • Surrogate Mother’s remain very close to the child couple during the pregnancy and many remain close after the birth but these decisions (and the boundaries of the association) are best worked out with a qualified therapist and a lawyer
  • By law surrogate Mothers are only allowed to be a surrogate once

Anyone interested in becoming a surrogate should contact Wijnland Fertility Clinic on 021 882 9666.

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About Wijnland Fertility Clinic

Wijnland Fertility Clinic is a leading Cape Town-based fertility clinic with a uniquely patient-centred approach. Obstetrician, gynaecologist and fertility specialist, Dr Johannes van Waart and psychologist, Lizanne van Waart, form the husband-and-wife team at the heart of Wijnland Fertility Clinic. Together with their team, they have created a warm and nurturing space for people undergoing treatment for infertility, providing guidance not only through the physical aspects that mark the journey through infertility, but also the emotional impact of the experience – an approach that sets Wijnland apart from other clinics. Wijnland’s team of highly trained staff, and the clinic’s use of international state-of-the-art equipment such as the EmbryoScope™, ensure that their success rates are among the best in the country and consistently above the global average.